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Denplan Excel Accreditation

Denplan Excel is an accreditation programme designed for dentists and brings you many benefits:

  • Reassurance – to know your dentist is practising in line with current good practice and regulation
  • Oral Health Score - you will receive a regular oral health score from your dentist. This is a score out of 100 and will indicate how healthy your teeth and gums are
  • Improved understanding - of the care and treatment available to you with Patient Information leaflets
  • Motivation - to maintain and improve your oral health
  • More consultation - involvement in deciding your care and treatment
  • Improved relationship - with your dentist through better communication and greater involvement in your own oral health
  • Patient surveys - you will have the chance to give your confidential feedback on the care and service your practice provides

The Denplan Excel accreditation programme is recognised by the British Dental Health Foundation (BHDF).

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